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> Category: Business and markets

Description about this Group:

EMSA is a leader in the fields of Education and Migration. We pride ourself on providing our clientele with 1st class service and advice and helping you achieve your migration or education goals.

Ever dreamed of studying in Australia?
Learning English and experiencing Australian culture?
Studying post graduate at university?
Looking for a course that may lead to residency?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let us help you achieve your goals!

Education and Migration Services works with partner schools, private colleges and universities across Australia to provide our clients with an array of study options when it comes to study. Let us guide you through the decision making process and help you find the right course at the right school in the right location.

Are you under 45?
Do you have a qualification and experience in a Skilled Occupation?
Do you have competent English language skills?
Are you healthy?
Then you might be eligible for General Skilled Migration to Australia.

To find out if you`re eligible, take our free online assessment

We also help our clients with all visa applications, including:

Tourist visas
Business visas
Partner / spouse visas
Student visas
Working holiday visas

Information about this Group:

Titel: Education and Migration Services Australia
Category: Business and markets
Date of foundation: 27.09.2009
Members: 2; Number of Forums: 0; Total number of messages: 0
Status of the Group: open Group, no application for membership is necessary
Founder: Shannon Semenikow from Broadbeach (QUT)
Language: english